Subject very much to change, here’s our Doppl Roadmap

June 2017

Release an alpha, almost beta-ish verison of Doppl. We use this internally, but there will be plenty of public feedback as the tools are used by a wider audience.

July/August 2017

Critical library additions: RxJava2, Retrofit2, Okhttp.

Framework packaging.

Review other libraries: Android Components, Mockito (spy support)

J2objc base updates (Probably v2.1)

Q4 2017

Class file translation? If this works, Kotlin may be possible.

Core J2objc frameworks fully “baked” (no bridging headers).

Android Studio plugin?

Pull vs Push (ie run from Xcode)?

Smoother Java debug?


After critical library support, the roadmap is less clear. We’ll take feedback and see what we and outside users really feel is critical. The whole framework revolves around the 80/20 rule, so we’ll need feedback to decide what’s really valuable vs nice-to-have.