Frequently-Asked Questions

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What Classes and Methods Can I Use From the Android SDK?

For your production code, the androidbase library in the core-doppl repo outlines what is available. In general, Doppl supports classes that are relevant for non-UI code that also make sense on iOS.

For your test suites, the androidbasetest library in the core-doppl repo describes the basic support Doppl has for unit tests.

If there are things that you feel that you need that are not offered by the Doppl runtime, ask!

Can We Convert Our Android Code to Swift?

Not at the present time, sorry.

While Doppl generates Objective-C code, it is included in your iOS project as a CocoaPod which can be effortlessly used from Swift

Can We Convert Our Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, Etc. Code to iOS?

Not at the present time, sorry.

Obviously, Kotlin will be of keen interest going forward, and we are investigating options for it.

Where Did the Name “Doppl” Come From?

Doppl is short for doppelgänger, a German word describing a person’s duplicate.