Technical Preview

This is a technical preview of a code-sharing library for mobile developers, based on J2objc, called Doppl. J2objc converts Java code to Objective-C. Doppl is a set of build tools and libraries to facilitate building Android and iOS in parallel, sharing as much logic as possible, but leaving UI's native.

Read more about Doppl here.


We are updating the Droidcon NYC app to use Android Architecture Components, Room, RxJava2, Retrofit2, and other modern libraries.
Droidcon NYC App

Notes on the preview

The docs are still pretty light. We'll be adding them in the coming weeks/months. If you'd like more info, subscribe to the various communication channels below.

Some dependency versions may be old! When in doubt, see the sample apps: Party Clicker and the Droidcon App.


The easiest way to get a basic idea of what the framework does and how it works is to take the sample tutorial app for a test drive. We have a simple MVP app using various Sqlite libraries available.

To get an overview of what it is and why it exists, take a look at What and why?

Creating your own projects and setting up Xcode is somewhat more involved. Some better docs are coming, but for now see from scratch and working with Xcode

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